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Complete B2B Target Market Guide


Every Solution Set is packed with insights, examples, and actionable strategies to help grow your B2B IT, Financial Services, or Professional Services firms. Each Solution Set contains a combination of Playbooks and Point Solutions that provides you with ready-to-go tools to solve issues relevant to firms like yours.

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Market Segmentation

Target Personas

Sales Segmentation


This playbook provides the framework to understand how to carry out market segmentation, targeting and positioning for your Professional Services firm. Market segmentation helps your B2B Professional Services firm to scale your business because you are not trying to be all things to all people – it makes you focus on the essential aspects of your business.

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This playbook provides the framework to create composite representations of your ideal prospect within your preferred target segments. The persona helps you to:

Better understand the profile of target clients and segments with the details about their needs, behavior, attitude, and problems from all different perspectives (personal, professional and technical)

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Traditionally, salespeople or firms engage in guesswork, gut feelings and broad generalizations of their market when completing sales segmentation exercises, and then leave it up to individual salespeople to prioritize which prospects to call on. We have developed a systematic and proven approach in this playbook.

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Competitive Assessment

B2B Buyers and The Value Matrix

High Level Industry Framework Strategy


This playbook provides the framework to assess your key competitors. Understanding your competitive environment is the key to informing the strategy of your B2B professional service firm.

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The purpose of understanding different types of B2B buyers is to recognize what they want, what they look at and what they care about.

This tool provides you with a framework for approaching different types of B2B buyers with your product or service offering using the value matrix.

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The purpose of developing High-Level Industry Framework is to better understand the industries in which you are looking to penetrate as a B2B professional service firm.

This tool helps you better understand your target market.

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Perceptual Maps


The purpose of developing a perceptual map is to identify how to differentiate your B2B professional services offering on attributes other than price.

This tool provides you with a template to score your firm against competitors on an unlimited number of attributes so that you can get the most out of your marketing strategy.

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