Content Repurposing


Content Repurposing


Product Summary:

Repurposing content means that you take one content asset and alter it to create other pieces of content. You take an original idea, piece of research, or content product and rework it to create something new and unique.

When you repurpose content, you find a new application for it. You recycle it and give it new life. There are obvious upsides to this strategy. The benefits of repurposing content allow you to:

  • Save and stretch resources
  • Appear on new platforms
  • Connect with new audiences
  • Connect with buyers in different purchase funnel levels
  • Develop authority in an industry
  • Target new SEO keywords
  • Improve lead generation
  • Connect with audiences who respond to different content formats

This playbook provides the framework for content repurposing. It addresses common questions such as how to plan, develop and optimize existing content.

Time to Complete:

1 hour

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  • Content Marketing
  • SEO



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43 Pages

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Score Summary:

Content repurposing helps your firm to increase utility value while reducing the cost of producing content.


This score is based on the positive impact that content repurposing can have on your business and the modest effort that is needed to do it.

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Content repurposing is one of the most important aspects of your overall content development and marketing plan. It makes sure that you are able to leverage your existing content continuously rather than “publish and forget”.

Using the playbook would allow you to target low hanging fruits while preparing for success in the long term



This Playbook is for B2B firms that want to strengthen content marketing in order to win clients.

Every firm needs to have a strong content repurposing plan

These strategies in the playbook would allow you to plan, develop and optimize your content.


Use the tools mentioned in the playbook to identify content that can be repurposed.

Approaches mentioned in the playbook will get you started with content repurposing.

Use the templates in the playbook to help guide you in the process.



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