Marketing That Drives Results

Do you know who your best prospects are and how to differentiate your services from the competition?

What’s At Stake?

Without new customers, your business will not grow and thrive. To attract and retain customers, your
business needs to embrace the value of marketing. Potential customers are not going to simply buy
your services if they don’t know who you are, what you are selling and why they should choose you
over the competition.

There Is A Better Way…

Differentiate From Your Competitors

Marketing professional services are difficult because services are intangible. Unlike a product, services cannot be placed on the
shelf of your store, your clients cannot examine it, nor can they compare it feature for feature against your competitors. We help
you cut through the clutter and deliver the right message at the right time to the right audience.

What we do:

We create a marketing system that creates a sustainable and repeatable path to growth. Examples include:

  • Develop and help you execute a comprehensive marketing plan

  • Identifying your ideal prospects and sending them the right message at the right time

  • Creating inbound and outbound marketing campaigns

Our Focus

We are a highly specialized consulting team focused on helping B2B companies develop and implement breakout growth strategies.

We are 100% Focused on Firms Like Yours

We only work with small to mid-sized B2B firms on sales, marketing, and business planning. We know what it takes to get real results – because we done it before with firms like yours.


Learn from the fastest growing B2B firms


Company Expert is amazing! The amount of growth, understanding, and revenue increase they have brought to my firm is amazing. We are so excited to see the future of our company with the continued support and professionalism Company Expert brings to the table. I can’t recommend them enough. You will not be disappointed with this company.

Emily Miller
CEO, Aspire Business Solutions

Our Growth Accelerator SystemTM (GAS)

Company Expert’s services have been designed specifically to accelerate growth for professional services firms. Our Growth Accelerator is an integrated set of proprietary processes, strategies and frameworks along four key areas – Marketing, Sales, Planning and On-Line Presence. We use these proven frameworks to inject speed, alignment and accelerated growth into the DNA of your firm

Use of Agile Methodology in Our Engagements

We design our engagements around 30-day sprints to keep them focused, on point and on schedule

Examples of Our Marketing Engagements

We develop and implement marketing strategies and campaigns:

  • Go-to-Market Partnership Strategy
  • Marketing Plan Development
  • Inbound and Outbound Marketing Campaigns
  • Value Proposition Creation


Company Expert states that they don’t have clients, they have relationships. I can clearly see that now. I’m getting more than just consulting, it’s like I have my very own partner, a guide for my long-term goals. I have always been very business savvy and love to learn about growth. Company Expert showed me techniques I would have otherwise never known about!”


Jim O. West
CEO, Sherpa Performance



Want Growth?

Download your free copy of the 6 Tips That Will Accelerate the Growth of Your Professional Service Firm. This is a must-read publication for professional service organizations that want to get to the next level of growth.

Expected Client Outcomes:

Our focus, our approach, and our experience allow us to develop a plan that optimizes your strategic options and outcomes

  • Alignment of your resources against the best market opportunities

  • A value proposition that clearly differentiates your business from the competition

  • Increase your win rates and shorten your sales cycles

  • Increase the effectiveness of your sales and marketing

Company Expert – We Have Skin in the Game

Our client’s success is the best measure of our own performance. To see how some of the results our clients have achieved, please check out our case studies

100% Guarantee

We are looking for long term relationships, not clients. If, you are not satisfied with our work, we will not accept payment until you are, it is that simple. We provide you this risk-free approach because we are confident that no other firm will provide you the value that Company Expert does

Are you reaching your growth potential?

There are 69 different performance growth drivers in professional service companies. Which ones should you focus on to maximize your growth?


“Company Expert has made a significant contribution to the growth of my firm. The team has the ability to think analytically and in a structured manner, to create solutions that are creative and effective. Their diverse skills make them greatly valuable to a small firm where different roles have to be performed within a small team. Their development and implementation of our marketing and sales strategy is second to none.”

Will Rassman
CEO, Employee Retirement Trust

Marketing Plan & Execution Services for Professional Services Firms

Positioning your firm as a trusted advisor and a leader in your industry requires a proven approach. With so much at stake,you need a partner that works with professional service companies every day to continue to refine, adapt, and optimize strategies designed to accelerate growth.



Without a thoughtful plan, your firm could waste thousands of dollars on content that does not engage your audience or campaigns that do not convert.

Nothing Gets Lost in Translation

Company Expert’s solution is to do it for you so you can focus on your business. We act as an extension of your business and provide your firm with full-service marketing.


While many firms have the best intentions to execute, marketing often tends to get overlooked when there are competing priorities. This results in slower growth.

Full-Service Marketing

Company Expert acts as your internal marketing department to support all of your marketing activities. You will have a dedicated account manager and a team of specialists that will plan, execute and track your marketing strategy.


Develop a marketing plan and budget that aligns with the overall business plan and sets the foundation for growth


Develop clear and compelling messages, a plan, and a strategy to position the firm as a trusted expert


Increase your marketing activities and reduce your time by implementing marketing automation tools and strategies


From concept to optimization we will manage your campaigns to drive leads and conversions


Drive sales through advertising, social media, influencer strategies, and 500+ researched and tested growth hacks for professional service firms


Taking an agile approach towards marketing, we are constantly assessing, making changes, and testing to optimize all of your marketing efforts

Case Studies

Creating Repeatable and Sustainable Growth


Our client, a management consulting firm, spent very little time and money marketing their services. They lacked some foundational documents like a value proposition and client personas. Their website was outdated and did not have a compelling and consistent message or calls to actions (CTAs). They were struggling to capture new growth from their traditional lead channels.

Multi-Pronged Strategy for Accelerating Growth


Our client, a government contracts consulting firm, had peaks and valleys in their business and wanted a predictable and sustainable way to produce ongoing leads and revenue.

Our Products

Account Based Marketing (ABM) Playbook


Account Management Growth Maturity Model


Account Management Plan Strategies


Account Management Playbook


Assessing Your Competitors Marketing Campaigns


B2B Buyers and The Value Matrix


B2B Positioning and Messaging


B2B Pricing Models


B2B Sales and Marketing Campaigns

Story Telling

B2B Story Telling


Brand Archetypes


Branding Guide


Building Effective Landing Pages


Competitive Analysis


Competitive Battle Scorecards


Complete B2B Target Market Guide


Complete Guide to B2B Business Assessments


Content Idea Generation