Sustainable Business Growth

Do you have a clear and compelling business plan that creates a sustainable competitive advantage?

What’s At Stake?

Many small to mid-sized B2B companies have a business plan. The challenge is many do not refresh their plans, or the plans were developed by a consultant who does not understand their business. The plan quickly becomes obsolete, and firms risk missing growth opportunities or new threats to their business. There Is A Better Way…

There Is A Better Way…

Sustainable Growth Through Thoughtful Planning

A professional service firm must be able to align resources to maximize investment dollars and human capital. We help you create a robust, fact-based business plan which enables you to make more informed decisions and create a clear road map to sustainable growth.

What we do:

We help clients create plans that enable them to make more-informed decisions and create a clear road map for success. Examples include

  • Translating your competitive advantage into a true value proposition

  • Identifying and prioritizing your opportunities for growth and profitability

  • Creating a strategic roadmap that helps you avoid constant shifts in business priorities and resources

Our Focus

We are a highly specialized consulting team focused on helping B2B companies develop and implement breakout growth strategies

We are 100% Focused on Firms Like Yours

We only work with small to mid-sized B2B Firms in business planning, sales, and marketing . We know what it takes to get real results

Our Growth Accelerator SystemTM (GAS)

Company Expert’s services have been designed specifically to accelerate growth for B2B firms. Our Growth Accelerator is an integrated set of proprietary processes, strategies, and frameworks along three key areas – Marketing, Sales, and Planning. We use these proven frameworks to inject speed, alignment and accelerated growth into the DNA of your firm

Use of Agile Methodology in Our Engagements

We design our engagements around 30-day sprints to keep them focused, on point and on schedule

Examples Of Our Client Engagements:

We develop pragmatic plans that enable you to compete in your hyper-competitive B2B industry

  • Planning Assessment

  • Strategy & Business Plan Development

  • Market Sizing and Growth Opportunity Analysis

  • Competitive Analysis

    Sell More. Scale Faster.

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    Company Expert is amazing! The growth, understanding and revenue increase they have brought to my firm is amazing. We are so excited to see the future of our company with the continued support and professionalism Company Expert brings to the table. I can’t recommend them enough. You will not be disappointed with this company.


    Emily Mille
    CEO, Aspire Business Solutions


    Company Expert states that they don’t have clients, they have relationships. I can clearly see that now. I’m getting more than just consulting, it’s like I have my very own partner, a guide for my long-term goals. I have always been very business savvy and love to learn about growth. Company Expert showed me techniques I would have otherwise never known about!”


    Jim O. West
    CEO, Sherpa Performance


    Want Growth?

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    Expected Client Outcomes:

    Our focus, our approach, and our experience allow us to develop a plan that optimizes your strategic options and outcomes

    • Expand into new markets/solutions

    • Drive growth and profitability

    • Maximize the allocation of capital and resources

    • Reduce execution risk and expense

    Company Expert – We Have Skin in the Game

    Our client’s success is the best measure of our own performance. To see how some of the results our clients have achieved, please check out our case studies here

    100% Guarantee

    We are looking for long term relationships, not clients. If, you are not satisfied with our work, we will not accept payment until you are, it is that simple. We provide you this risk-free approach because we are confident that no other firm will provide you the value that Company Expert does

    Are you reaching your growth potential?

    There are 54 different performance growth drivers in B2B companies. Which ones should you focus on to maximize your growth?


    “Company Expert has made a significant contribution to the growth of my firm. The team has the ability to think analytically and in a structured manner, to create solutions that are creative and effective. Their diverse skills make them greatly valuable to a small firm where different roles have to be performed within a small team. Their development and implementation of our marketing and sales strategy is second to none.”

    Will Rassman
    CEO, Employee Retirement Trust

    Case Studies

    Creating New Opportunities for Growth


    Our client wanted to diversify their client base and identify opportunities that would continue to drive strong revenue growth while increasing the valuation of the firm. They had an internal Corporate Development Group that identified some opportunities. However, none proved to be viable.

    Optimizing the Organization for Success


    Our client was struggling to grow its margins in the professional services arm of its FinTech business. This department provided outsourcing services to companies that had purchased its FinTech platform.

    Our Products

    Ansoff Matrix Tool


    Balanced Scorecard and Reporting


    Balanced Scorecard Tool Summary


    BCG Growth-Share Matrix Tool


    Building A Business Model Canvas


    Business Plan Forecast Playbook


    Capabilities Assessment


    Change Management Playbook


    Competitive Analysis


    Complete Guide to B2B Operations


    Definitive Guide to B2B Business Planning


    GE McKinsey Matrix


    High Level Industry Framework Strategy


    Interview Scoring Guide


    Mission, Vision & Value Development


    P.E.S.T. Tool Summary


    Porter’s Five Forces Tool Summary


    Price Corridor of the Mass