Do you have the 36 essential GROWTH elements of a high performing professional service firm? 
What is preventing you from reaching your full growth potential?

Growth Assessment

We have identified 54 elements in our Growth Accelerator Model that grow revenue for high performing professional service firms.  The model contains three performance blocks, marketing, digital presence and selling.  The performance blocks are designed to drive growth, are interlocked and build upon each other.

During the FREE assessment, which lasts about 45 minutes, you will find out:

Which one of the performance blocks you doing well and opportunities for improvement
How you are benchmarked across the 36 growth elements
Relative to the competition, where your organization is along the Growth Accelerator Maturity Model
Which growth elements you should focus on first

This assessment can be used in a number of different ways, depending on your role:

CEO: Use the assessment to measure the functional performance of your teams and for strategic planning
CMO:  Assess your marketing capabilities and web presence
Sales Head:  Assess the effectiveness of your sales organization

Put your firm on a path to strong growth, ask for a FREE assessment today!  

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