Marketing Campaign Planning


Marketing Campaign Planning


Product Summary:

The marketing campaign planning is a powerful process to kick off marketing activities from the ground up. Marketing is a lifeblood of any business and this playbook will help marketers to increase brand value, sales and revenues for their businesses. It contains the following:

  • How to create SMART marketing objectives
  • Target audience persona development
  • A detailed overview of a typical buyer’s journey through three distinctive phases
  • Marketing channels selection
  • Overall performance assessment sheet of a marketing campaign.
  • Marketing budget

Ignoring this crucial planning phase in marketing may jeopardize the overall company and marketing goals.

Time to Complete:

16 hours

Building Block of Growth:

Online Presence

Other Related Enablers of Growth:

  • Sales Funnel Development
  • Content Delivery



Number of Pages:

53 Pages

Impact/Effort Scoring:


Score Summary:

An effective marketing campaign planning is extremely helpful in achieving the company’s overall branding, marketing and sales goals and will have a high impact on the business growth trajectory.


The score highlights mid to high-level effort to build Marketing campaign planning. It requires extensive market research on the target audience, channel selection etc.

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Additional Information


Marketing Campaign Planning is a strategic marketing process for building new marketing campaigns or refine the existing ones. This playbook will help you to:

  • Increase sales and revenue for your business
  • Build a powerful brand presence for your target market
  • Keep you focused and targeted to reach your overarching company goals



  • Start-up businesses looking to acquire customers as quickly as possible
  • Marketers leading marketing activities within a startup or in an established business
  • Established businesses looking to improve marketing ROI and the bottom line sales
  • B2B firms that want to develop a comprehensive marketing campaign plan to align internal marketing teams to a coherent marketing strategy



This Playbook outlines how to plan your company’s marketing campaigns. It can be used to create campaign goals via SMART objectives, target audience setting, buyer’s journey through three main phases, marketing channels selection and at the end overall assessment of your campaign performance.



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Online Presence > Automation > Campaign Management
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