Developing Client Personas


Developing Client Personas



Product Summary:

This playbook provides the framework to create composite representations of your ideal prospect within your preferred target segments. The persona helps you to:

  • Better understand the profile of target clients and segments with the details about their needs, behavior, attitude, and problems from all different perspectives (personal, professional and technical)
  • Have a useful reference for the marketing team, client relations team, sales team, and parts of the business.
  • Develop targeted messages and campaigns
  • Aids in discovering and understanding client needs, problems to help position your B2B service


Time to Complete:

4 – 5  hours

Building Block of Growth:


Other Related Enablers of Growth:

  • Target Market
  • Persona Development



Number of Pages:

21 Pages

Impact/Effort Scoring:


Score Summary:

A deeper understanding of your clients’ personas helps you communicate more effectively with them, and understand their goals and objectives. This score is based on the positive impact of doing this research can have on your business and the relatively modest effort that is needed to do it.

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Additional Information


A persona is a representation of your ideal buyer. This fictional composite describes the internal psychographic and external demographic profile of an important targeted segment’s buyer type. Motivations, goals, behaviors, preferences and affinities combine to form the persona.

Using this Playbook helps you methodologically understand these personas and structure your business and marketing efforts around them.


This Playbook is for B2B firms that want to tailor sales and marketing messages to the persona by using his or her preferred communication channels and offering solutions to specific pain points.

This approach will ensure that your firm shares only content that matters to them. You will then market to the individual by providing them with the relevant information that will help position the firm for success.


Use the template provided, study our example, then create your own by completing the details. Create a persona for each critical buyer in your priority market segments. If you are targeting multiple buyers within a segment, we recommend that you create additional personas for each.

Each persona should be a composite of representative client contacts. We have provided an example to use as a guide/reference.


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