Designing and Executing Sales Campaigns


Designing and Executing Sales Campaigns


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Well-designed sales campaigns can help you achieve your goals, which may include: increasing revenue, penetrating new markets or strengthening a relationship with a key stakeholder. While marketing may be warming up the leads for you and identifying the target audience, you need to think about how you reach the leads once they are warm. Many B2B sales cycles are long, and so you must put in the time to nurture relationships, develop trust and be purposeful, patient and add value to every interaction.

Do not leave your business’s growth to chance. Adopting a methodical approach to designing and executing your sales campaigns is the only way B2B professional services firms can flourish in today’s market. Once goals and objectives for your sales campaigns have been identified, you will need to implement sales strategies through multiple channels.

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Less than 3 weeks

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There is little financial investment needed to design your campaigns, however, depending on the channels you chose, moderate spending may be required.


From a time perspective, you may need to coordinate the strategy with various stakeholders such as the person responsible for business development or marketing, however most B2B Professional Services firms complete this task in less than 3 weeks.

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Crafting successful sales campaigns will help you create a steady and reliable pipeline. Taking a strategic approach to selling will help you maximize your impact and keep you organized when working on multiple initiatives at once.

The approach walks you through how to set SMART goals for your campaigns, how to develop your own sales strategies and sales triggers, and how to develop a multi-channel approach for your campaigns.


  • B2B firms’ executives, directors and staff
  • Businesses looking to develop the degree of sophistication surrounding their sales campaigns
  • B2B firms that want to develop a methodical sales campaign strategy


This Playbook outlines how to design and execute sales campaigns.

It shows you how to define your campaign goals and objectives how you can achieve those with a well-designed sales campaign.

This playbook also provides you with email tips and phone call tips to maximize your return on effort.


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