Assessing Your Competitors Marketing Campaigns


Assessing Your Competitors Marketing Campaigns


Product Summary:

This playbook provides the framework to assess your competitors marketing campaigns.

Understanding you competitors and their marketing is the key to developing a differentiated and competitive strategy for your B2B professional service firm. This playbook will help you identify direct and indirect competitors, compile research on SEO, Adwords, social channels like Facebook and LinkedIn, email and web traffic. You will learn how to analyze their campaigns so that it can inform your future strategies to provide you with a distinct advantage.

There are several non-marketing uses for this Playbook. You can use it to assess a potential acquisition, highlight certain risks, and provide critical information for your sales staff to help better position the firm.

Time to Complete:

2 Weeks

Building Block of Growth:


Other Related Enablers of Growth:

  • Campaign Development
  • Competitive Analysis




Number of Pages:

27 Pages

Impact/Effort Scoring:


Score Summary:

A detailed analysis of your competitors marketing campaigns takes time to complete and it should be done on a periodic basis, as new competitors emerge or as the market shifts.


This information can be used to help the firm build a sustainable competitive advantage.  Although a reasonable effort is needed to do it, the impact is high.

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Additional Information


The playbooks brings you through a systematic approach for assessing your competitors marketing tactics.

Many B2B firms tend to be inwardly focused. This playbook helps your firm better understand the marketing landscape and all that you could be doing.

This playbook will provide you valuable insights into how to better position your firm for success. The playbook highlights areas where you are both vulnerable and highly competitive, information that is critical to informing your marketing strategies.


This Playbook is for B2B firms that want to better understand the marketing tactics being in their industry.

The playbook is also for firms that want to better understand how to position their firm over their toughest competitors.


Using the examples and templates provided, you can create your own competitive marketing assessment by completing the details.

The Playbook walks you through a systematic approach to conducting a detailed evaluation of the marketing tactics employed by your competition and will allow you to see how you compare to those in your industry or those targeting the same customers as you.


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