Complete Guide to B2B Operations


Complete Guide to B2B Operations

Every Solution Set is packed with insights, examples, and actionable strategies to help grow your B2B firm. Each Solution Set contains a combination of Playbooks and Point Solutions that provides you with ready-to-go tools to solve issues relevant to firms like yours.

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Journey Mapping

Value Discipline Framework

  • Helps establish clear descriptions of team members’ roles and responsibilities
  • Helps the management team identify team members who are responsible for different aspects of a project.
  • Allows companies to benefit from a more efficient completion of tasks

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The purpose of Journey Mapping is to tailor each individual’s experience with your B2B industry brand based on where they are as a lead or a customer.

Journey Mapping helps you to understand what crucial information should be provided at which point in the lead or customer journey.

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The Value Discipline Framework provides you with an understanding of what clients value, how your competitors are positioned, and operating model implications.

The Value Discipline Framework helps you determine how to differentiate your offering, respond to customer needs appropriately and operate most efficiently.

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Balanced Scorecard and Reporting

Project Sequencing

Project Status Report

    • Reporting is an important part of running a B2B firm. This playbook will take you through the necessary exercises to develop a balanced scorecard to organize your goals, objectives, strategies, and tactics.

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Project sequencing and roadmap development can seem daunting to even to the most seasoned B2B executive. We have developed a systematic and proven approach in this playbook.

Using our approach, you will develop an Execution Confidence score for each potential project.

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  • This project status report is used as a tool to help management (internal and clients) better understand the status of a project.
  • This tool aims to provide you with a template to effectively track client updates and take actionable steps to successfully complete your projects. The template includes:

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Capabilities Assessment

Change Management

Risk Assessment Matrix


This playbook provides the framework to better understand how to use capabilities to assess your B2B firm.

Not every capability is critical to your firm’s success so we look at your capabilities through two different lenses importance and effectiveness.

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This playbook provides the framework to develop a change management strategy for your firm. Focusing on change management increases the probability of successful change implementation and ongoing maintenance of the changes in one place.

Change management can help B2B achieve better, faster outcomes and is critical to success.

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  • Identify areas to reduce risks
  • Prioritize and group project outcomes
  • Develop a plan for managing risks
  • It measures the degree of actual risk for each area or aspect of a system and directly links this to the potential business impact

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