Go-To-Market (GTM) Strategy


Go-To-Market (GTM) Strategy


Product Summary:

A GTM strategy is a relatively short term, step-by-step map that focuses on launching one specific product, service, expansion or venture. This playbook will help enable you to engage with a new market or simply present a new idea to your existing client base. Developing a GTM strategy allows B2B Professional Services firms be much more focused in their approach.

This playbook will walk you through defining the purpose of your GTM, who your targets are, what you are selling, how to position yourself to those targets through sales and marketing, and how to time the launch.

GTM planning will help you gain stakeholder alignment and commitment to deadlines. It will help increase the chance of a successful launch and help establish a plan for growth.

Time to Complete:

1 Week

Building Block of Growth:


Other Related Enablers of Growth:

  • Sales Enablement
  • “Trusted Advisor” Positioning
  • Marketing Processes


PowerPoint, Excel

Number of Pages:

55 Pages

Impact/Effort Scoring:


Score Summary:

Developing a GTM strategy is extremely helpful in growing your company and creating repeatable, scalable processes that align your firm cross-functionally.


The score highlights mid to high level effort to build a GTM strategy. It requires an extensive work to develop one, but the result will be an informed, successful strategy that helps you drive pipeline and convert customers.


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Additional Information


GTM Planning is a strategic, cross-functional process for launching one specific product, service, expansion or venture relatively quickly through a defined process.

This playbook will help you to:

  • Increase sales and revenue for your business
  • Better understand how to market your product or service.
  • Build a powerful GTM strategy for your next product launch, expansion or venture


  • Businesses looking to acquire customers via new product launch, expansion or venture
  • Anyone involved in GTM planning at their firm
  • Anyone looking to develop a GTM strategy for their firm
  • B2B Professional Service firms that want to develop a comprehensive GTM plan to align internal teams to a coherent strategy


This Playbook outlines how to develop a GTM strategy for your B2B Professional Services firm.

It can be used to create GTM strategy goals via SMART goals or objectives, develop a target audience persona or personas, define what you are actually selling to this audience, learn to better understand how to position yourselves to that audience, and finally leverage marketing and sales to sell to your targets at the right moment in time.


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The above four building blocks of growth are the foundational elements of our Growth Accelerator system.  They allow us to systematically assess and optimize various components of growth. Within each of the four blocks, there are 18 different enablers of growth. Each of these blocks are part of an interconnected ecosystem that Company Expert leverages with these Playbooks to inject speed, alignment and accelerated growth into the DNA of your firm – Our Growth Accelerator System (GAS)TM


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