B2B Story Telling


B2B Story Telling


Product Summary:

Storytelling is a universal practice and has existed since the beginning of human history. Yet in business, we often forget to tell our stories.

Stories are one of the best ways to connect with clients and encourage them to take action. In business, we often focus on objective data, facts, figures, product features, charts, and technology. However, storytelling reaches people on an emotional level. Stories communicate to the listener exactly what you do and what you stand for. Therefore, it’s essential to craft compelling stories, both about yourself and your B2B firm.
This playbook will help you craft a story that will resonate with your audience and grow your business.

Time to Complete:

1-2 Weeks

Building Block of Growth:


Other Related Enablers of Growth:

  • Value proposition
  • Elevator speech



Number of Pages:

54 Pages

Impact/Effort Scoring:

Score Summary:

A strong story can be compelling and can lead to greater conversions.


This score is based on the positive impact a story can have on your sales and the relatively limited amount of time you have to invest in its development.


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Additional Information


  • A systematic approach to developing an effective story
  • A guide with examples and types of stories to write
  • Prompts to generate story ideas and how to develop them


  • Your story
  • Meant for you to develop a generic story
  • Something that you do once, storytelling will change according to the setting, the audience, and the goal of the meeting


  • Use it to prepare for meetings or conferences
  • Periodically go back through this playbook to see if you can think of additional or more compelling stories
  • Continue to add to it, take notes and share them with your colleagues


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Sales > Account Management
The above four building blocks of growth are the foundational elements of our Growth Accelerator system.  They allow us to systematically assess and optimize various components of growth. Within each of the four blocks, there are 18 different enablers of growth. Each of these blocks are part of an interconnected ecosystem that Company Expert leverages with these Playbooks to inject speed, alignment and accelerated growth into the DNA of your firm – Our Growth Accelerator System (GAS)TM


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