Consultative Selling Methodology


Consultative Selling Methodology


Product Summary:

This playbook helps B2B firms develop a system that produces repeatable, scalable, and predictable revenue.  The playbook instills a discipline into the selling process by providing a step-by-step methodology on how firms should prospect and navigate the buyer through a sales cycle that ends with a win.

The skills needed to be a trusted expert in your field are not much different than what is required to be an effective salesperson. We have developed this consultative selling process because it closely aligns with how firms like yours would approach a problem with a client.  We believe this is a natural extension of what you do every day and the easiest sales methodology to adopt.

In this playbook, we will bring you through a selling system that is a mix of best practices and practical applications of proven selling strategies.

Time to Complete:

2 Weeks

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66 Pages

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The consultative selling methodology is a proven process for B2B sales success.  While the process is not difficult to understand, it does take a while to master.


Optimizing the right prospecting sales strategies, plays, and methodology takes time. Once you optimize the system you will have built a repeatable and scalable process to generate consistent sales.


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  • A systematic approach to selling to B2B firms
  • A methodology that helps reinforce from the start of the first interaction the level of professionalism and expertise your firm offers
  • A process that differentiates your salespeople from others in your industry
  • An approach that fosters a better understanding of a prospect that helps create deeper insights and relationships when they become clients


  • Something that is put on a shelf and not looked at again, this playbook should be constantly refined and optimized
  • A methodology you can learn overnight it will take some time and effort
  • The “system”, it is a part of a broader set of processes that includes marketing campaigns, and sales playbooks
  • A methodology that should feel foreign to the way you present yourself in a professional setting


  • Do not try to go through this playbook quickly, try to absorb a section at a time
  • Begin to include it in your sales meetings and do some role-playing so everyone can benefit from the discussion
  • Develop your scripts and plays and get feedback from different stakeholders


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