B2B Sales Strategy


B2B Sales Strategy


Product Summary:

This playbook helps B2B firms develop a high-level sales strategy. The sales strategy outlines some important decisions a firm needs to make to inform downstream sales activities and tactics.

This playbook forces you to think strategically about the sales function and how you want to improve and optimize the capabilities of the sales team over time.  The playbook helps you think about the vision of where you want to take the sales function, assess where you are at, your sales focus and positioning, and finally, your approach to help you reach your sales goals.

The resulting document will be a roadmap for senior management and the sales staff to understand the future of the sales organization.

Time to Complete:

3 Weeks

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38 Pages

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Developing a sales strategy is critical to the success of any B2B firm that has a sales team. The strategy helps provide some guiding principles that will help inform other marketing and sales activities.


The sales strategy takes time to develop to ensure you are selling to the right markets, right people, and in the right way.


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Additional Information


  • A high-level view of the key sales strategies for the firm
  • A quick guide on how the sales function will reinforce and support the broader firm goals
  • The basis to inform downstream sales decisions and budgets


  • Something that is put on a shelf and not looked at again, this playbook should be constantly refined and optimized
  • A detailed sales playbook with tactics
  • Step-by-step guide on how the firm is going to sell


  • Do not try to go through this playbook quickly, try to absorb a section at a time
  • Bring together the sales team and other key stakeholders to help in the development of the playbook
  • Make sure that the sales strategies in this book are complementary and help the firm achieve its organizational goals
  • Use this playbook as a guide that you can refer back to when making important sales decisions to ensure you are supporting the overall sales strategies


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