Convincing prospects to interact with your B2B business is a challenging job. Strategic Call-to-Actions, or CTAs, can help encourage visitors to take action. You can find CTAs in emails, blogs, and websites in the form of short clickable text, buttons, or images. CTAs can help you guide the audience where you want them to go next, which increases the chance of making a sale. If you are willing to learn more about call-to-actions, you must read this blog post. Here’s all you need to know about CTAs that will boost your B2B marketing strategy and achieve your business goals. 

What is a B2B Call-to-Action?

The term Call-to-Action or CTA refers to telling prospects to take a particular action, and it is an important element of digital marketing campaigns. You can create CTAs in different shapes or forms and use them in plain text, images, or as a button. Although most CTAs have links embedded in them, it is not mandatory. The process of creating B2B CTAs is different from the B2C CTAs as they both have different target audiences. The buying cycle of the B2B prospects is longer, therefore, B2B firms should create CTAs that guide the prospects from the top of the sales funnel to the bottom one step at a time. 

Different Types of CTAs

Although there are different types of CTAs, some of the top CTAs that can help improve conversion are listed below –

1. Demo CTA

As the name suggests, demo CTA invites prospects to try a demo of your products and services. You should keep this CTA on your product or solution page. When a user clicks on the Demo CTA, it signifies that the user is interested in your product. Examples of the demo CTA include – Free Demo, Free Trial, Free Quote, and Try Our Demo.

2. Contact Us CTA

When prospects visit your website or read a blog, they may want to talk to you. They want someone to clear all their doubts and address their queries. In this case, if they don’t find someone they can talk to, it can be frustrating. This is why it is important to add a Contact Us CTA in the product and solution pages so that users can reach out to you easily. Some of the CTAs that you can use in your contact forms are – Contact Us, Talk to Us, Contact Our Team, and Talk to An Expert. 

Contact Us CTA

3. Read More CTA

You can use the Read More CTA on the website to lead the users to blogs, whitepapers, and case studies. There are a variety of various complex topics in the B2B industry, so you can use various business tools and resources to guide prospects. Your team can use CTAs like – Read More, Discover Latest Trends, and Learn More. 

4. Download CTA

If you want to offer free resources to your customers, you can use the Download CTA. Use CTAs like Download Now, Free Download, and Get a Download for Free to guide the readers to download white papers, ebooks, or a data sheet. A Download CTA can also be used for locked content.

5. Subscribe CTA

This is one of the most popular CTA used in blogs. Encourage the users to enter their email addresses to receive the latest industry trends and blog articles from your site. When you ask visitors to subscribe, they will then be on your email list. Some examples of Subscribe CTA include – Get Industry Trends, Stay Informed, and Subscribe Now. 

Best Practices for Creating a B2B CTA

Here are some tips that can help you write B2B CTAs that convert – 

  • Ensure that whatever you write in your CTA is meaningful. Usually, CTAs are short, so every word should have meaning and be easily understood. This should help you connect with them on a personal level. 
  • A perfect CTA is short and sweet. Keep it around 5 words or less so that it grabs the attention of the reader. There is a common misconception among B2B marketers that the CTA should include extra facts. But this is not the right approach. CTAs are only designed to direct readers; you can include more information in the primary body of the content.
  • Be careful about the language of your CTA. It should not seem like you are forcing the readers to do something. Rather, you should be polite and share how taking a certain action can benefit them.
  • One CTA pro tip for B2B marketers is FOMO. The fear of missing out is an effective strategy, and it helps move prospects faster. Be careful because your target audience is smart enough to smell the fake FOMO from a mile away. 
  • It is good to keep the first-person approach in the CTA for human touch and a little personalization. For example – you can use ‘I’m in’ in place of ‘subscribe now.’ You can also take advantage of playbook products to create an effective CTA.
  • B2B CTAs should stand out and grab the attention of the visitor. That is the reason marketers spend hours selecting the right design and color for a CTA.


Contact Us CTA


PRO TIP – choosing colors that are different from the main color scheme of the landing page is a good decision. 

  • Choose the size of the CTA carefully. It should be big in size, but at the same time, don’t make it too big that it distracts the audience. 
  • Another important factor for marketers to consider is the placement of the CTA. The ideal location of a CTA is – a website footer, above the fold, nested in the navigation bar, or a floating CTA. Remember to keep space free around the CTA button in order to highlight it.
  • Lastly, there is always scope for improvement. If a CTA is not performing as per your expectation, you can make changes. Either alter the language or color, or even move its location. You can conduct A/B testing to analyze the performance of your CTAs.

B2B marketers should keep the above-mentioned points in mind when designing and crafting an effective CTA that will guide prospects through your funnel. 

The Final Word

Call-to-actions break the ice, help drive clicks, and allow you to achieve your lead generation goals. Therefore, it is important to craft a compelling B2B CTA. You can also seek out the guidance of the professionals at Company Expert. We are a reputable B2B consulting firm helping B2B businesses with their planning strategies, marketing, and sales. If you need help with CTAs or other digital marketing strategies, feel free to reach out to us. We use the most effective techniques and tools of the fastest-growing B2B firms to create a practical, actionable system to accelerate your growth. Schedule a free consultation now!