The B2B sales process is transforming rapidly. Selling products and services to other businesses is challenging, as various decision-makers are involved in the process. However, having an effective and up-to-date sales strategy, a skilled sales team, and sales playbooks can help accelerate your sales. If you need help when it comes to prospecting, nurturing, objection handling, and closing deals faster, you must read this blog. In this post, we’re going to cover the most important B2B sales trends for 2023 that can boost your business growth. 

Key B2B Sales Trends 

Some of the emerging B2B sales trends you should watch in 2023 are:

     ● Artificial Intelligence 

Artificial intelligence is gaining popularity in a variety of sectors, and B2B sales and marketing processes are no exception. It is the secret weapon for sales teams that allows them to increase efficiency and enhance the customer experience. AI can help in lead generation and assist in projecting trends which can improve the productivity of sales reps. Additionally, you can use AI to obtain emails and contact information of professionals that you need to target for your business. Understanding the psychology of prospects is helpful for the sales team because it allows them to personalize messages and boost the customer experience. 

     ● Hyper-Personalization 

According to the Monetate study, 79% of organizations that exceeded revenue goals have an effective personalization strategy. Gone are the days when personalization was about inserting someone’s name into the message. Now, most B2B sales consulting experts suggest that one must use AI and analytics to prepare personalized content for  prospects, which will ultimately boost engagement. You should consider the following tips for personalization in 2023 –

  • – Understand the needs of the customers in detail 
  • – It is important to make things easier for your prospects so that they can digest them. Avoid sharing larger pieces of content and rely on personalized excerpts.
  • – Businesses need to step outside of their comfort zone and experiment with new content strategies to see what works best.

      ● Automation

One of the biggest concerns of most B2B businesses is that their sales team spends less time selling and more time on other duties. Automation can help solve this problem. Investing in automation helps save valuable time, which can be sensibly used to boost sales efficiency. You can automate repetitive, time-consuming, and laborious tasks using AI, software, or other digital tools.

      ● Videos 

According to Wyzowl, around 87% of marketing and sales teams use videos on a regular basis. Now, videos have become a crucial part of sales methods, in addition to email and phone calls. From prospecting to nurturing, videos play an important role in the sales sphere. With  videos, sales representatives can have a one-on-one conversation with the prospects. Additionally, videos can be easily shared via email, LinkedIn messages, and other social media channels. 

      ● Account-Based Selling 

Although cold calling is a good strategy, you should not rely only on it solely to reach your goals. Instead, you should utilize ABM, or account-based marketing. It has been around for quite some time, but in 2023 every B2B business should be using it.  This strategy makes it easier for  salespeople to deliver personalized messages and understand the pains and needs of the prospects. It also helps save you time since you only have to interact with the companies that fit your product and services.

 Company Expert’s B2B Sales Playbook  

B2B businesses must incorporate sales playbooks into their strategies to achieve their sales goals. Some of the popular Company Expert’s B2B playbooks include:

      ● Designing and Executing Sales Campaigns 

A well-designed sales campaign helps increase revenue, which ultimately helps in business growth. You can use this playbook product to design and execute sales campaigns. B2B firms that need guidance developing their sales campaigns can benefit from this playbook. It will help you set SMART sales goals and develop sales strategies for achieving those goals. 

      ● Sales Playbook

With a sales playbook, your firm can take a more targeted and efficient approach to acquiring new customers. You can use the sales playbook to learn about potential clients, handle  objections, and manage different stages of the sales cycle. It offers a framework with important components that will help you create a sales playbook for your firm. 

      ● Sales Segmentation 

If you need a proven and systematic approach to sales segmentation, you can use this playbook. It outlines how businesses can build a successful and data-driven strategy for sales segmentation. With this playbook, you will not have to waste your precious time on guesswork and low-quality prospects. 

      ● Sales Plays and Triggers 

Identifying  sales plays and triggers is necessary when you want to improve prospect and client engagement. You can use this B2B sales playbook for proven sales plays and triggers for your business. It can help increase your sales by engaging the right prospects at the right time. 

      ● Sales Efficiency and Effectiveness Assessment 

Generally, there are five sales efficiency and effectiveness levers. This playbook offers a point solution that walks you through the different levers of sales efficiency. It also guides you towards activities that you can use for  assessments. Additionally, the playbook  provides a heatmap template for each assessment area. 


Building a successful sales strategy in 2023 is going to be challenging. It is important to stay updated and learn the latest sales trends in order to face sales challenges successfully. Businesses that strategize their plans for the future have the maximum chance of achieving success. Keep the tips and trends shared in this post in mind while planning a productive sales strategy for your business. You can also contact Company Expert for professional guidance. Our expert team and business playbook can help improve the sales efficiency and effectiveness of your B2B firm. Schedule a free consultation today