5 Insider Tips On Using LinkedIn for Professional Service Companies

You can make the most out of LinkedIn by utilizing these 5 insider tips to unlock the site’s potential. LinkedIn is a major business networking site that offers a wide reach to a global audience. In order to enjoy its numerous benefits, you need to learn how it works.

1. Create an Appealing Bio

Those who add a photo to their professional profile increase their chances of being found online by up to 7 times. Also, those who list their most current positions can increase their searches 12 times over someone who hasn’t added the photo. Because you work in a professional field, make sure that the picture reflects how you would dress in front of a client. Its simple updates like these make a huge difference. There is nothing as bad as trying to network with business professionals when you have an incomplete bio.

2. Get into LinkedIn-Groups

Join LinkedIn groups that are related to your line and post your comments regularly. You can click on the Interests button, then to Groups and you will be able to find out whatever is of interest to you. You can also search based on your preferred keywords. You will find that some of these groups have thousands of members and participating in one of them provides you with a great opportunity to meet and connect with like-minded professionals. When you join a group, make sure that you introduce yourself to existing members with a post detailing how you found the group and whatever you want to achieve from being a member of the group. As a member of a professional service company, responding to questions and participating in the groups, allows you to demonstrate your expertise.

3. Make all your Connections Count
While LinkedIn offers a fantastic way to connect with other professionals, there are ways in which you should do it. The best approach is to reach out to professionals in your field, community or niche which leads to mutually beneficial relationships. Find out where your professional service company’s clients spend their time.

4. Be a Connector
One of the best ways for creating meaningful connections is to create them; if you happen to know two people with something in common, be their connector.

5. Keep- in touch
LinkedIn has a Keep in Touch feature that helps you keep in touch with your connections regularly. Another method of keeping in touch is through sharing content that is relevant to the audience. We hope the 5 insider tips have been helpful in helping you reap more benefits from your LinkedIn page.

Offline Tactics to Get More Clients

One of the challenges that we see with a lot of our clients is that they are overly focused on Social Media and are ignoring some more effective offline tactics. When you meet people offline, you have the opportunity to create an even stronger relationship with them. You can also find potential clients you wouldn’t have found online and because you have had a dialog with them, you have a better opportunity to position your firm as a trusted advisor.

Events and Meet-ups

Find networking events and meet-ups that are related to the services you offer. Look for conferences, exhibitions, trade shows, talks, and other events where you’re likely to encounter your potential clients and get ready to network. Prepare materials to pass out and an elevator pitch to deliver, and follow up with everyone you meet afterward by phone or email.

You can also gain clients from ordinary community events. Any event could be an opportunity. When you attend community events, make yourself visible and come prepared with materials explaining what you do.

If there aren’t many events in your area, you can try creating your own. Create an event that will deliver a fun and exciting experience to those who attend. Put yourself in the shoes of your potential client and try to determine what sort of event they’d be excited to attend. Your event doesn’t have to be huge; it just needs to attract the right people and offer them something valuable. For example, consider starting a mastermind group or CEO roundtable.

Your Local Chamber of Commerce

If you’re not already a member of your local chamber of commerce or other business groups, you should join. The chamber of commerce is a group of local business people whose aim is to promote economic growth in the community. This is an excellent opportunity for networking and meeting potential clients. However, these organizations charge for membership, so it is an expense for your business.

Membership in your chamber of commerce brings you visibility and credibility in the community, which can lead to more clients in the future. You’ll also get referrals, as many individuals and organizations contact the chamber of commerce when looking for services in a local area.

For the price you pay to join your local chamber of commerce, there are other business benefits as well beyond just finding new clients. You’ll have access to members-only discounts and services and other benefits, including discounts and exclusive access to networking events.

To learn more tactics for gaining more clients, check out our report titled Get More Clients for Your Professional Service Business.