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Branding Guide


Product Summary:

Brand guidelines communicate a variety of things about your brand, both internally to your business, as well as externally to your prospects and clients. B2b firms use brand guidelines as a resource for everyone to understand how to represent their brand.

Our brand guidelines can contain sections on:

  • Your brand identity (mission, vision, values, brand archetype, value proposition, personas)
  • Your brand assets and the appropriate use of them (logo, color palette, typography, etc.)

Brand guidelines are a very useful resource when rebranding and starting a new company and are used by designers, writers, and anyone else using your brand’s elements like your logo to create marketing materials.

The guidelines are a set of rules to create a unified identity when connecting multiple elements within your brand, such as colors, your logo, and your typography.

Time to Complete:

2 Weeks

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Other Related Enablers of Growth:

  • Target Market
  • Personas
  • Value Proposition



Number of Pages:

50 Pages

Impact/Effort Scoring:

Score Summary:

A well-developed branding guide is an essential tool for establishing brand identity.


While the development of brand assets are relatively straight forward, creating your brand identity often takes multiple iterations and stakeholder input.


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Additional Information


  • A guide to help you develop your firms brand identity
  • Examples of how different sections of your branding guide can be developed
  • A series of rules, set out to demonstrate how a company brand must be perceived.
    This helps create consistent marketing materials, internal communications and documents, as well as ensuring the logo and company are portrayed professionally, and accurately, at all times.


  • A pre-built branding guide designed specifically for your firm
  • Something you put on a shelf and forget about it. This playbooks should be used by your staff that is responsible for developing your marketing materials and content on a daily basis or as needed for guidance.


  • Use the templates within the playbook to customize for your firm
  • Make sure during the development of the brand identity you get feedback from multiple stakeholders so you get buy in to the final product


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