B2B email marketing is one of the most effective B2B marketing strategies that connects your business with potential customers. It aims to generate leads and increase sales. Businesses of all sizes use email marketing to engage an audience, which ultimately helps boost sales without breaking the bank.

According to a study by Statista, global email marketing was valued at 7.5 billion US dollars, and it is expected to increase to 17.9 billion by 2027. This clearly states the importance of email marketing, and B2B brands can’t afford to miss out on this opportunity.

However, many email campaigns fail because of common mistakes. To help you avoid these mistakes, here are the top B2B email marketing mistakes businesses should avoid.

Common B2B Email Marketing Mistakes 

1. Not Welcoming the Subscribers 

According to a report, purpose-driven welcome emails generate four times more opens and five times more clicks. It is important to make your subscribers feel special.

They’ve explored various websites and then signed up to receive emails from your company website, which means they are interested in learning more about you.

So, be polite and welcome them with a thank you note. You can also offer a promo code or special offer in the welcome email or collect more information about them.

Remember that skipping welcome emails can be a huge mistake. 

2. Sending Too Many Emails  

If you think sending more emails will help to capture the attention of the target audience, it’s the wrong approach.

It can frustrate and annoy the recipient, resulting in business loss. Sending too many emails and taking long absences are both bad for your business.

Therefore, consider the nature of your business and customer expectations in order to set the right mailing frequency.  

Many Emails

3. Missing Call-to-Action

A call-to-action is one of the most important parts of a B2B email marketing campaign. However, many marketers don’t understand its importance and fail to state a clear CTA in the email.

One must guide the audience and tell them what to do next.

CTAs trigger action and lead to a sale or sign-up, which drives engagement. Some examples of a CTA are – “save today,” “buy now, act now,” “claim your coupon,” etc. 

4. Including Too Many CTAs

Including too many CTAs is bad practice, much like flooding an inbox with emails.

If you give the reader too many CTAs, they may become confused and sometimes frustrated. Ensure your B2B marketing emails make it simple for a subscriber to take action, and give each email its own objective, which will help increase conversion rates.

You can also get guidance from a B2B marketing consulting firm for your email campaigns and learn more about writing perfect CTAs. 

5. Poor Design

A poorly designed email template can ruin all your efforts and not deliver the desired results. Here are some important design elements that you should avoid for email marketing campaigns –

  • Avoid using different types of font as it looks messy and confusing
  • Don’t use inconsistent font sizes
  • Images with low resolution can result in a failed campaign
  • Avoid putting too many images in an email
  • Failure to test a broken link is a common problem, make sure you provide the correct links
  • Poor color palette choice can also affect the success of an email campaign    


6. Not Segmenting the Subscribers

Email marketing aims to establish a close relationship with your clients and prospects.

If you do not segment your contacts based on individual tastes, it can be a costly mistake. People interact with companies that show interest in their business or work, which makes segmentation and personalized emails important.

Make it a point to divide your email list into four segments – regular customers, occasional customers, brand loyalists, and prospects.

Then send them personalized emails to boost organic engagement rates and strengthen the relationship. 

7. Not Optimized for Mobile 

Mobile devices have gained immense popularity. You might send an email from your desktop, but the recipient reads it on their mobile screens.

Marketers should keep this in mind and avoid sending long paragraphs that are not optimized for mobile.

Most people admit that receiving non-optimized emails is their biggest turn-off. Some tips to optimize emails for mobile are –

  • Use short paragraphs
  • Divide the content into blocks 
  • Use mobile-friendly HTML email templates 


8. Fail to Proofread

No one wants to receive an email with misspellings or technical jargon. Content plays an important role in the success of your email campaign, so consider using B2B playbook products for writing the emails.

You can’t send subscribers an email without checking it, especially in the B2B business world. Ensure that multiple people read it and get it approved by a proofreader for spelling, tone, professionalism, and ease of understanding. 

9. Poor Subject Lines 

The average open rate for emails is 21.33%. This is because most recipients open an email based on the subject line. If you fail to write a good subject line, the recipient will not open it, and you will not get the results you’re looking for.

Follow the subject line best practices, such as –

  • Keep subject lines short  
  • The average subject line should have 40 characters
  • Subject lines should be clear and engaging 
  • Colorful language and emojis can increase open rates (depending on the business)


10. Using Pushy Content 

E-mails are not for showing your sales skills. Many marketers make the mistake of using professional sales language in emails. It makes the emails too pushy.

The best approach for writing compelling emails is to use conversational language. Personalize the email so that the recipient finds it relatable and reads the content rather than ignoring it.    

Wrapping Up 

Now that you are aware of the typical emailing errors and how to swiftly fix them, it’s time to redesign your B2B email strategy.

Email marketing is becoming more competitive, so if you want to get the best conversion rate, you can’t repeat the same email mistakes.

You must keep the above-mentioned points in mind to combat common email marketing mistakes.

You can also contact Company Expert to get professional help. Our specialized team of B2B consultants can help you manage every aspect of your digital marketing campaigns. Visit our website to learn more about our services.  

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