Master these social media content strategies and see your prospects and growth increase

B2B social media marketing helps raise the popularity and trustworthiness of a business. But, the harsh truth is that many B2B professional service firms fail to use social media channels effectively. B2B social media marketing does not focus primarily on personal buying or daily purchases, so you must have a comprehensive social media strategy. However, finding a fresh and effective content idea for social media campaigns is not an easy task.

With the constant pressure of missing deadlines and creating engaging social media content daily, hitting a creative block is normal. So, here we are listing a few unique and interesting ideas that you can take inspiration from. Create a dynamic social media content strategy and take your B2B business to the next level with these content ideas.

1. Blog Post

Let’s start with the basic content strategy, a blog post. But, this is not a war on the whitepaper. You can use a well-written blog to inform, educate, and grab the attention of your target audience. In addition, it will help in the SEO, and you can share its link on all other social media platforms. But, consistency is the key. You will get the expected results only if you post frequently. Keep your social media profiles active to engage your target audience and demonstrate your capabilities.

2. Create Catchy Short Videos

An entertaining or educational video performs better than text-based stories. So, it’s high time that people need to understand that when we say social media content, it’s not only about the text. It’s also about the videos. Short, catchy videos of 60-90 seconds grab the attention of people and help boost engagement. Even 60% B2B marketers have admitted that they experienced growth in sales after using videos.

But, you must remember a few things when creating a video like – make a content plan with a specific message, it should explain the message you want to convey, the story should grab your attention, and most importantly, the video should have an element of infotainment (information + entertainment).

Image courtesy of Constant Content.

Image courtesy of Constant Content.

3. Understand the Latest Trends 

Social media is evolving at high speed, and if you observe carefully, things are changing rapidly. So, if you want to live up to the expectation of the people, keep an eye on the changing trends to enhance your marketing efforts. Use challenges and hashtags and add a corporate twist to them. Although TikTok and Instagram are not very popular among B2B marketers, if you wish, you can use these platforms to drive results. If you are wondering how to stay on top of the social media trends, here are a few easy tips – check your competitor’s post, read industry-specific magazines, journals, insights, and reports.

4. Social Conversation 

If you want to use social media effectively, starting a social conversation is an excellent idea. Almost every social media platform has features like creating polls that help to interact with the customers and initiate conversation across social channels. So, push a social conversation on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter and understand your audience. Apart from the polls, another creative idea is to give natural human-like responses to the audience, like replying in the comments and using friendly, trending words or emojis to interact. You can use the assistance of professional services for digital marketing to develop more creative ideas to initiate conversation. 

Image courtesy of Alexeko.

Image courtesy of Alexeko.

5. Animations or Gifs

Most people love animations or GIFs (Graphics Interchange Format) as it is a powerful tool that can be used in a fun way. It’s a 1-5 seconds video that should display your message in an entertaining manner. Some of the creative tips for using a GIF for your business are – use GIFs as a get started guide for social media audiences, using a GIF to give gratitude to your customer or employee, and demonstrate your product features in GIF posts. Giphy and GIMP are two popular tools that you can use to create compelling GIFs and animation for your B2B brand.

6. Have a Unique Brand Voice

Enough of text and visuals, not let’s focus on the brand voice. Many top brands have a unique brand voice that makes them stand out from the crowd. Like a brand color and logo, people should identify your brand voice. But, the first step is to identify your brand voice–whether it is funny, serious, casual, formal, or friendly. The emotion and tone should remain the same in any content you put out for social messaging. Brands with strong and unique personalities never fail to amaze people.

7. Share pictures of Users and Behind the Scenes 

Another successful social media strategy is asking users to submit a picture of the product they have bought from you. In short, it’s like reposting the pictures of your happy customers. Personalization is important in social media, and when people share pictures and write good things about your product or service, other B2B customers can relate– and it helps increase trust and credibility. In the same way, you can also post BTS (behind the scenes) to show the hard work your team puts in to deliver a product or service. You can also praise your employees and their efforts on social media.

8. Online Events 

After the pandemic, a lot of things are happening virtually, so it’s the perfect time to use this opportunity and host online events and webinars. It’s easy, convenient, and effective for lead generation, and selling professional services. You can invite your potential leads to the event, promote the event, and represent yourself as a thought-leader. If you don’t want to make it formal, choose instead to ‘go live’ because it is an informal way of online interaction. You can address  industry-related questions in the live session, or answer questions related to your product or services. Another pro tip is to keep a human face for your social media accounts because it should never sound robotic.

Image courtesy of Hubspot.

Image courtesy of Hubspot.

Easy Tips to Enhance B2B Social Media Posts 

  • Your company’s social media account should have all your important contact information and links that lead to the sign-up part on your website.
  • Social media is known for its short attention span, so every post should captivate the attention of your followers.
  • The social media post should be linked with the right website page. This way, the user doesn’t feel lost in the website they arrive from the social media post they clicked.
  • You can also post about the news, insights, and latest trends of your niche to show your business is aware of what’s happening around the industry.


Social Media Platforms that Work Best for B2B Businesses

The importance of social media for boosting B2B businesses is undeniable. However, many people find it difficult to choose the right platform, as there are many options. Here, we have listed the top social media platforms for B2B businesses.

  • Facebook 

Facebook is one of the largest social media platforms in the world, with billions of active users. You may be surprised to know that business decision-makers spend 74% more time on Facebook than others. So, it is a powerful tool that B2B marketers can use for brand awareness or better engagement.

  • Twitter

It is a microblogging platform known for limited character content creation. B2B marketers can use this channel to reach the target audience. However, you will have to master the art of creating buzzworthy posts to make most of this social media platform.

  • LinkedIn 

Now, let’s talk about the most popular social media platform for B2B businesses. Almost 97% of B2B marketers love LinkedIn because this platform helps to connect with professionals.  

The Final Word 

If you are a B2B brand, then this post must have helped provide you with some winning social media content ideas. Social media is an effective channel that can help you improve brand identity and improve lead generation. You can always count on a B2B consulting firm like Company Expert for building the online presence of your B2B brand.

We can help you with online presence and assessment, content strategy, editorial guidelines, social media strategy, and content development. So, next time you are stuck, refer to these content ideas or get in touch with us for expert assistance.