Does your professional service firm have the right technology to rapidly scale your business? If not, this is why it definitely should! In the beginning, your firm was probably fine-tracking and interacting with customers through phone and email. You may have even just organized all their information in a spreadsheet (or two) and kept in contact with your team through text. While this was all fine at the start, now that your business is growing, it’s time to adapt.

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One of the biggest obstacles professional service firms–and other small businesses–face is the inability to implement the right automated technology to properly grow and scale their business. If you’ve been on the fence about an automation strategy, we’re here to tell you it’s the right decision for your firm. In this article, we’ll explore a little more about:

● Why automation is a key platform for growth and scaling businesses.

● Technology that can help your firm grow

Why Automation is Key for Growth and Scale

If you’re interested in increasing conversions (and your revenue) then automation is crucial. If you’re a medium to a small professional service firm, there’s a chance that you haven’t moved to an automated customer relationship management (CRM) yet. But this lack of automation can be exactly what’s preventing your company from growing and scaling your business appropriately. This type of software is a tool that’s designed to help manage your customer engagement, communications, and sales efforts.

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It’s helpful to think of it as a one-stop-shop for everything your firm needs to track and coordinate sales, marketing, and customer service. It’s no surprise that companies that operate with the right kind of technology like this are better equipped to not only convert more customers but can in fact scale their growing business in a manageable way.

Having an automated CRM not only keeps your sales and marketing goals properly aligned throughout the sales funnel, but it allows your customer service team to effectively and satisfactorily engage throughout the life cycle of your customer.

Here are some of the major reasons why your professional service firm should consider using automation to grow your business in the right way.

Consolidate all your information into one place

One of the biggest time wasters is trying to manage customer information and data across your team. The information one person has, another one might not have access to–or even be aware of! Utilize technology to store:

● Customer contact information (including social media accounts)
● The history of customer interaction and support
● Data about your relationship with the customer

Convert customers and sell more

Having your customer data stored in one place also means that their data will automatically be entered into the system, so you can spend more time learning what works when it comes to conversions. Seeing and tracking data like this is priceless for firms since it allows you to create a better sales process that sees conversions and revenue rise. Stay focused on customers. You need to stay focused on the customers throughout the sales funnel, but also afterward. When you have the right automation tools in place you can:

● Pursue the right opportunities at the proper time
● Deliver targeted content to prospects
● Keep the sales experience personalized

Not automating your business functions can start to cost your firm real money. When you don’t base your sales and marketing approaches on customer data, it can waste your time and your money. And there’s always the chance that something important can get lost in the shuffle–which can lead to lost chances and missteps with leads and customers.

If you’re serious about maximizing your firm’s growth potential, make sure you have the right automated tools to improve your sales process and convert more customers. In addition to CRM tools, there are a variety of other automated software options that will streamline your approach to sales, marketing, and customer service.

Technological Tools That Can Help Your Firm Grow

Using automation can help you identify leads, increase conversions, and keep customers happy. There are a variety of automated tools you can use to streamline your business processes. 

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If you’re ready to grow your firm–and manageably scale that growth–then there are some automated tools that you should definitely have in your toolkit.


As we discussed above, having an automated CRM is one of the best things you can add to your firm’s software in order to document your customer relationship. Having a CRM allows you and the rest of your team to see everything about customers in one place. Not only does it benefit the sales side with its customer data, but it can also prove to be very useful to your marketing team too. With it, you can understand how your customers are finding you, and optimize your campaigns to drive more customers in.

Tools such as Zoho make prospecting, converting more leads, and engaging with customers organized and easy. When you’re on top of your business organization, you’re in control and in sync with what’s going on throughout the customer’s lifecycle.


If you’re ready to close a deal, you’re going to need a signed contract. Why waste valuable time trying to get a paper copy when you can use an encrypted electronic signature instead? E-signature software is a recognized and legitimate way to distribute sensitive documents such as contracts to your customers so they can sign securely. E-signature software is compatible with CRMs and allows your team to organize contracts so they are ready and easily accessible.
Meetings managers

Another useful automation tool is meeting management software, such as, which allows you to organize and streamline all your meetings. This works well not only internally with different members of your team, but also with meetings and follows ups with customers. This tool makes it easy to track changes/additions, include agendas and files, and is visible to all members of the team.

There is so much to gain when you include automation in the management of your firm. Using data will allow you to focus on what works, and what will really drive in more leads, convert more customers, and increase your revenue! Want to learn how Company Expert can address your growth-related challenges, please go ahead and book a free consultation call now.