Twitter averages 330 million monthly active users on its platform. From a popularity and usage point of view, its usage is lower than other social media sites such as Instagram and Facebook.

However, Twitter is unique because the platform limits users’ messages to a maximum of 280 characters to stimulate concise and witty posts.

Twitter is also a powerful platform to utilize for your social media business campaigns. It also
acts as a simple medium to inform and listen to feedback from your clients. However, many B2B firms do not pay enough attention to Twitter.

If your firm already has a Twitter account set up and you are not posting relevant tweets regularly, you will miss out on the potential benefits Twitter has to offer, and risk getting overlooked and going unnoticed.

These simple B2B Twitter tips will help you to grow your followers, generate leads, and gain
more clients.

1. Edit the URL name and use a main keyword which best describes your company

From the default URL assigned to your profile by Twitter, edit it into something like

2. Regularly post (relevant) news and events

If you leave your Twitter account unattended, people will unfollow your business. And even if
they do not unfollow you, they might stop checking your posts if the account remains dormant for too long.

3. Follow groups, organizations, companies, and individuals which you believe are connected to your company or industry in some way.

Follow Twitter accounts that are related to the nature of your B2B firm. This will increase your
exposure to more Twitter users.

4. Avoid posting Tweets on other’s profiles

This is to maintain a professional position. Remember, this is a company account not a personal account.

5. Avoid using your company Twitter account for personal business

If you like a certain celebrity or you like to make comments about some current events that are completely unrelated to your business, you should follow them using your own personal
account. Business and personal opinions should not be mixed together.

6. Advertise your Twitter account on your other social media accounts

If you have a Facebook or LinkedIn account, tell your subscribers that you also have a Twitter account. This way, both your accounts will cross-pollinate and show more subscribers.

7. Be wary of Hashtags

Social media language has evolved considerably and hashtags are a huge part of this evolution. If you’re not using hashtags followed by a keyword, your content will get lost in an ocean of tweets.

However, if you’re trying to drive traffic to your website, do not use hashtags in your ads. A recent study shows that posts that used hashtags are actually 5% less efficient at attracting users, particularly when overused.

If you must use a hashtag, search for the hashtag on Twitter. You want to make sure no one
else is using the same hashtag as you and that it is not associated with anything outside your brand or anything negative.

8. Do not follow more people than you need to

One way to get other people to follow you is by following them. That doesn’t mean you should just follow anyone on Twitter. You want to keep your entire profile professional, and only follow those individuals and companies that are conducive to your professional image and represent personas you are interested in.

9. Use geo-location to find your local target niche

This feature is very useful for internet marketing and will help you locate your target clients
more effectively.

10. Focus more on your advocates than your influencers

Influencers are only likely to mention you once or twice, after which you are not really
connected with them. But advocates are different. They are potentially long-term partners with long term benefits. Invest time on them.

11. Your Tweets should be in harmony with your posts on other social media sites

Make sure that any company news, articles, events, and promotions you Tweet are aligned with those you post on across other channels to ensure brand consistency.

In summary

Of course, like other social media platforms, using Twitter requires a fair amount of
experimentation with your content to see what works and what doesn’t. Learn more about
how to build an effective online presence for B2B firms here. You can also follow us on Twitter for more B2B Twitter tips. And if you found this post helpful, feel free to like and share on social media.