B2B Marketing strategies are essential for business growth, and business growth is essential for business survival. However, with so many marketing options today, especially in the digital world, it can be easy to fall into the mindset that the only thing that matters is numbers. The bigger the number that sees your offer or brand, the better, and nothing else matters.

This approach is a mistake that could reduce your return on investment for marketing campaigns. Your audience today is more sophisticated than ever. Studies have shown that people tend to respond more positively to targeted marketing. This feels more personalized, which in a world where people are flooded with marketing messages, is the key to getting results.

B2B Professional services marketing should be focused on the right people, and the right people are your best clients.

Sniper right marketing strategy

If we look at a marketing strategy without a specific target, where you have not already identified who your best clients are, then it has to be broadly focused. The problem is that without a defined target, such broad-based marketing tends to lose its effectiveness. Instead of appealing directly to a specific group, the message becomes diluted and appeals to no one.

The key to this conundrum is already in your hand though. You should focus on the group that offers the best return on investment, and that is your best customer. Identifying who they give you the data needed to target the right group with your next marketing strategy.

To illustrate the need to focus on those best clients, an example would be a business where 70% of sales come from just 20% of the client base. Which is the best marketing strategy, marketing to the demographic that matches the 20%, or marketing to everyone?

Instead of the shotgun approach that targets everything, be a precision sniper, and target prospects that align with your value proposition.

Identifying your best clients

It can be tempting here to just take a look at last year’s data, see who spent the most and assume they are your best clients. It can be successful, but by spending a little time analyzing your client base, you can find a far more effective approach.

Your best clients are those who engage with you the most, who return more frequently to your website, who promote you through recommendations and refer new business. For B2B professional services marketing, this group is the core target for any business.

Practical Focus

The question then, is what does this focus on ‘the best clients’ look like in practice? Understanding who your best clients are allows you to create a set of personas that define the group you are talking to. Categorized personas can then be used as needed for any specific task.

Not only can this approach be used to build your marketing strategy, but it can also be used to help inform web development and shape content development. In addition, any advertising can be tailored to these target personas. Further, you can use this data to inform contractors, define a pricing strategy, and better understand which business is preferable, and which you should decline.

Once you have clearly defined ‘best clients’, you not only have the tools for your B2B professional services marketing strategy but an informed foundation for your entire business strategy. Of course, this does not mean that the business should be narrowly focused on that specific filmographic exclusively, you need a broad client base to thrive. However, when looking for the best ROI on a marketing strategy and investment, focusing on those best clients delivers results.

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