How to Submit a Guest Post to Company Expert’s B2B Insights Blog

Do you have a brilliant take on how to drive growth in the world of B2B professional services firms? Want to reach an audience of 100,000 members who are a part of a thriving community focused solely on expansion? Then you may be a fit for a guest blog opportunity with Company Expert.

We understand that interesting and valuable articles can come from a variety of sources, which is why we welcome your submissions.

Because Company Expert is laser-focused on increasing the growth of IT, financial services, and professional services industries, it’s imperative to keep your article in line with the interests of our members.

We have one of the largest networks of B2B professional services leaders in the world, which is why your article must include high quality content that can truly benefit our members.

Successful guest posts on the Insights Blog should tell a polished, well-crafted story to a knowledgeable B2B audience.

Topics that will interest and add value to our members’ experience include:

  • B2B growth solutions
  • B2B business plan development
  • B2B marketing strategies
  • B2B marketing campaigns
  • B2B sales
  • B2B online presence building

Tips for a successful contribution:

  • Tell a coherent and informative story, and make sure it grabs the attention of our audience
  • Use an active, not a passive, voice
  • Contains 1000-1200 words
  • If you include images and/or graphics, ensure they are properly sourced
  • Has and author bio and one link to your website

Articles that won’t be accepted:

  • Overly promotional blogs
  • Off-topic articles
  • Offensive, inaccurate, or spammy posts
  • Articles that have been previously posted elsewhere
  • Plagiarized material

Terms and conditions:

  • Guest Posts must be your own original work.
  • Plagiarism or copyright infringement is not permitted.
  • When quoting others, please make sure to properly cite your source.
  • Posts will acknowledge your authorship, but will be the property of Company Expert.
  • You are more than welcome to share a link to the posts you have authored on social media or your website.
  • Affiliate links shall not be included in Guest Post submissions.
  • Company Expert reserves the right to add its own links where appropriate.
  • Guest Post writers will be allowed to have one link to their website or social media profile within the author acknowledgment. This may not be an affiliate link or point to an affiliate site.

  • We do not offer any compensation for writing Guest Posts.
  • We do not guarantee any particular site or audience reach.
  • Company Expert reserves the right to edit Guest Posts where necessary.
  • Once we officially post a Guest Post, you’re welcome to request we make grammatical or wording changes. Any edits that change the content or meaning of an article will need an “EDIT:” disclaimer added with a date. You are also welcome to request changes/updates to your photo, bio, or links. If at any time in the future you want to request such changes, email us and we’ll do our best to accommodate.
  • Company Expert reserves the right to refuse publication or remove a Guest Post without prior notice to the Guest Post writer.
  • By providing a Guest Post to Company Expert, you agree that you are in no way becoming a part of the website or company, nor shall you hold yourself out to be a member of the Company Expert’s website or company.
  • By submitting and article or blog you agree to all of these terms and conditions