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Product Summary:

This is particularly true if you’re going to use social media as one of your lead generation marketing strategies.  You should know that social media outlets aren’t equal when it comes to producing B2B leads. For instance, a study of more than 5,000 businesses conducted by HubSpot revealed that traffic from LinkedIn had a conversion rate of 2.74 percent while traffic from Twitter and Facebook had conversion rates of 0.69 percent and 0.77 percent, respectively. In other words, the conversion rate for leads from LinkedIn is 277 percent greater than it is for leads from both Twitter and Facebook.

Done right, you will be positioned as a trusted advisor to your key prospects. Done wrong, and it will damage your brand and ability to get leads on LinkedIn.

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Time to Complete:

4 hours

Building Block of Growth:

Online Presence

Other Related Enablers of Growth:

  • Competitive Positioning
  • Social Media



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38 Pages

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Product Score

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An optimized LinkedIn profile is vital for professional services business owners and executives. LinkedIn profiles are fairly easy to complete. The value of working through each of the 4 stages is critical for any professional service firm to grow its business.

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This playbook will help you better engage and connect with your audience on LinkedIn. As a B2B firm you cannot ignore the worlds’ largest business network platform – other than your website this is #1 place your prospects will look to assess your company. This playbook will help you:

  • Leverage best LinkedIn practices
  • Increase your ROI
  • Grow a network of prospects


B2B professional service firms who are new to the LinkedIn platform Firms that have been using the platform without much success Marketing staff who want to focus on LinkedIn as a key way to grow their client base


The module can be used as a standalone strategy to drive more engagement and conversions or it can be used as a component of a broader marketing strategy on LinkedIn. The practices share should be adapted to best suit the needs of your organization and where you are from a LinkedIn maturity standpoint


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Online Marketing > Social Media

the above four budding blocks of growth are the foundational elements of our Growth Accelerator system. They allow us to systematically assess and optimize various components of growth. Within each of the four blocks there are 18 different enablers of growth. Each of these blocks are part of an interconnected ecosystem that Company Expert leverages with these Playbooks to iniect speed. alignment and accelerated growth into the DNA of your firm -Our Growth Acreratort-14


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