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Ultimate Guide to B2B Content Management


Every Solution Set is packed with insights, examples, and actionable strategies to help grow your B2B IT, Financial Services, or Professional Services firms. Each Solution Set contains a combination of Playbooks and Point Solutions that provides you with ready-to-go tools to solve issues relevant to firms like yours.

To find out what is included in each Solution Set, you can go to each product by clicking on the More Detail button below the product description.

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Editorial Guidelines

Content Repurposing

Content Idea Generation


This playbook provides the framework to create Editorial Guidelines for your firm. Editorial Guidelines help your content writers develop blogs and articles that will strike the right tone and message with your target clients, and establish a consistent style for your firm.

Our Editorial Guidelines Framework contains five critical elements. We will walk you through a 4-step process that breaks each element into its core components with exercises that will help you create consistent Editorial Guidelines.

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Repurposing content means that you take one content asset and alter it to create other pieces of content. You take an original idea, piece of research, or content product and rework it to create something new and unique.

When you repurpose content, you find a new application for it. You recycle it and give it new life. There are obvious upsides to this strategy. The benefits of repurposing content allow you to

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The Purpose of Content Creation is to create interesting and engaging B2B blogs and articles that will resonate with your target market

Effective Content Creation planning helps you to create compelling, solution-orientated content that is optimized for SEO

This tool helps you to create the right content to help you become a thought leader in your professional services industry

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Content Planning


The purpose of Content Planning is to ensure brand consistency and tone across your marketing.

Content Planning helps you to create compelling content, content pillars, solution-orientated content, and optimize for SEO.

This tool aims to create the right content to become a thought leader in your B2B professional services industry

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