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This firm provides debt management services.




New Opportunities


Opportunities Fully
Vetted Through
Qualitative And
Screening Tools


Business Plans To
Successfully Enter
The Market
Creating New Opportunities for Growth
Our client wanted to diversify their client base and identify opportunities that would continue to drive strong revenue growth while increasing the valuation of the firm. They had an internal Corporate Development Group that identified some opportunities. However, none proved to be viable.
Company Expert leveraged its Professional Services capabilities map to baseline the organization. We developed a heat map which allowed us to identify and gain alignment with the client on those capabilities that could be leveraged for future opportunities.
We scanned the financial services industry to identify potential opportunities for the firm coming up with 22 business opportunities that warranted consideration. We subsequently filtered them down to 8 based priority opportunities based on evaluating each through multiple quantitative factors and conducted additional market research to further narrow the list to 5. We developed a summary industry overview and opportunity analysis for each of the opportunities which led the client to develop full business plans for the top 2.
  • Capabilities Heat Map
  • Detailed Capabilities Assessment
  • Primary and Secondary Market Research
  • Quantitative Filter Analysis – e.g., strategic alignment, financial alignment, industry size
  • Product Entry Framework Illustration
  • Interview Key Themes
  • Industry “Lite” Assessments
  • Business Plan

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