Case Studies


Evaluation of their Business Lines Against Market Opportunity


Our client, a FinTech firm had two core business lines – one focused on the retirement industry and one on the mutual fund industry. They were a midsized FinTech firm that had limited resources. They wanted a third-party to assess...


Creating a Vision and a Plan for Success


This regional bank had three under performing business lines and not a clear, well articulated strategy. They brought in Company Expert to create a vision and strategy and to develop recommendations to scale and optimize their operating model.


Optimizing the Organization for Success


Our client was struggling to grow its margins in the professional services arm of its FinTech business. This department provided outsourcing services to companies that had purchased its FinTech platform.


Creating New Opportunities for Growth


Our client wanted to diversify their client base and identify opportunities that would continue to drive strong revenue growth while increasing the valuation of the firm. They had an internal Corporate Development Group that identified some opportunities. However, none proved...


Building a Sales Team to Accelerate Growth Noise


Our client, the CEO of a technology consulting company, was looking to double revenues and achieve $5+ million in new sales within 18-24 months. Our client was acting as both the CEO and the primary salesperson, severely limiting his ability...


Improving Sales Efficiency and Effectiveness


Our client had an underperforming sales organization and they wanted a firm to assess the current state of their sales organization and make recommendation for improvement.


Rising Above the Noise


Our client was competing in crowded marketplace and wanted to better differentiate itself from its competitors. They needed a firm to come in to think strategically about their business and how to rise above the noise in the industry.


Multi-Pronged Strategy for Accelerating Growth


Our client, a government contracts consulting firm, had peaks and valleys in their business and wanted a predictable and sustainable way to produce ongoing leads and revenue.


Creating Repeatable and Sustainable Growth


Our client, a management consulting firm, spent very little time and money marketing their services. They lacked some foundational documents like a value proposition and client personas. Their website was outdated and did not have a compelling and consistent message...