This firm provided consulting to mid to large companies looking to move and integrate their infrastructure and applications in the cloud.




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Building a Sales Team to Accelerate Growth Noise
Our client, the CEO of a technology consulting company, was looking to double revenues and achieve $5+ million in new sales within 18-24 months. Our client was acting as both the CEO and the primary salesperson, severely limiting his ability to grow the business. The CEO needed to build a sales team along with the accompanying sales processes in order to develop a robust sales pipeline of new logos as quickly as possible This organization had an underperforming sales organization and they wanted a firm to assess the current state and make recommendation for improvement.
This project was delivered in two phases to generate sales revenue as quickly as possible. The first phase developed the necessary foundational requirements for building out the sales team so that once it was established, it would run efficiently and effectively. This included establishing sales processes, governance and metrics, developing job descriptions, corresponding sales compensation plan, and a sales segmentation model that prioritized every prospect within the client’s target market.

Phase two of the engagement consisted of the client outsourcing the entire sales management function to Company Expert. Once the sales organization was mature enough, the team was transitioned to the newly hired sales manager.

  • Recruited and hired three highly effective Sales Representatives
  • Established the sales processes, governance structure and reporting capabilities
  • Enhanced the sales tools and created marketing materials
  • Trained sales reps to increase their effectiveness in closing new business as quickly as possible
  • Created a target list that Identified and prioritized the client’s best prospects and opportunities for growth
  • Acted as interim Chief Sales Officer and developed the sales plan