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This firm is a real estate investment firm that manages properties for high-net worth investors and institutions.




Shifted Business And
Fund Strategy To Target
Social Impact Investors


Value Proposition
Articulating Their Social
And Environmental
Impact And Excellent
Investment Returns


Content Developed For
Company Website And
Marketing Materials
Rising Above the Noise
Our client was competing in crowded marketplace and wanted to better differentiate itself from its competitors. They needed a firm to come in to think strategically about their business and how to rise above the noise in the industry.
Company Expert used our Marketing Growth Block to assess the firm in 18 different marketing capabilities required for long-term growth. The firm lacked many foundational marketing capabilities and a compelling proposition.
We worked with the firm to refine its messaging and better identify their target audience. We also identified their key differentiators. Rather than trying to be all things to all people, we focused the company on where we thought they could deliver the most value. As a result, they shifted the focus of their fund strategy and target market from their historical market to become the only firm in the industry focused on the social impact space.
  • Value Proposition
  • Key Points of Differentiation
  • Marketing Capabilities Assessment
  • Presentation Development
  • Website Copywriting

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